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Shatter the Darkness – Russ Dizdar

Stanley Monteiff -Was the only one on GCN worth listing to. RIP

Rick Wiles -TRU-News

A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength.
Proverbs 24:5

World News And Independent Reporters

Throw away your TV ( mind control ) sets and listen to the real news.

Worldnetdaily site - Fresh News about things that mater

Shadow Stats

Drudge Report - a real News

Wired News Geek news

New World Order
Learn about BEAST
Educate your self at this site, it could take a month to cover the whole site
Conspiracy Archive
Bilderberg's are the most powerful group of men on earth
Mind Control like CBS CNN CNBC
Is Bush a Hitler just like dear old grand-dad
Occult Signs and Symbols -symbols on your car symbols in church and soon symbols on you!
Freemasonry - did you know that 41 of 56 signers of the declaration of independence where mason
Illuminati - The belief that Lucifer is god
Illuminati and the New World Order
Earth pulse Press: HAARP (High-Frequency Active Aurora Research Can they control our weather?

Propagandamatrix - A large web site Full of interesting facts

chemtrail video -Why in the world are they spraying 

William Coopers Mystery Babylon audio files to listen to and download for free!

Hour of the time archives

Teachings 1 thru 43

William Cooper Lecture sheeple online video

9/11 conspiracy

Audio files of the Fire Fighters and Ems on 9/11

FEMA and your lost rights in America
This is a small list of fema laws to destroy your freedoms  

Don't be willing ignorant

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Bless Yahweh for ever and ever.
I thank my God that he saved me.

Born again of my Father. 

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